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Creating branded, custom social media content for insurance agents.





It's not a secret that social media is an almost endless way to generate leads for your insurance agency.

But, if that is the case - why do so few agents capitalize on this opportunity? 


The answer is simple - they don't know how or they don't have time.

That is where The Insurance Content Project can help.


We create customized content for you and your agency that can be utilized to help generate business. 3x per week, we deliver a customized piece of content to your inbox to post on your social platforms. We also tell you which platforms to post on. when to post it, and give you recommended caption to go with it.


Copy. Paste. Repeat. 

The content is strategically designed to generate conversations with your audience. We will help you remind them you sell insurance, without coming across as spam. 

Ready to start making your time on Facebook more profitable?


Getting started

Here are the steps to start getting content delivered to your inbox.

Sign Up

Use the signup feature to upload your agency information, logo, and headshot to us. Also, pick your membership plan.


Once we've received your submission, we will start building your content. It will be delivered to your inbox every Mon / Wed / Fri


Take the images we sent you and our recommended caption and post away. Once you start getting engagement, be sure to engage back!

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